The completely wooden-framed fortepiano was originally invented and developed as a harpsichord which, with its small hammers, could play loud and soft (forte e piano).  It soon was developed into a completely separate instrument which eventually gained favor over the harpsichord at the end of the 18th century.  The grand form coexisted with a rectangular square piano form for quite some time, and in the 1840’s both began to be made with iron framing, at which point the “modern” piano began its evolution.

I have worked on antique grand and square fortepianos dating from 1792 to 1845 by such makers as Broadwood and Geib.  I also perform service on modern reproduction fortepianos. 

For more information on the fortepiano services offered please see below.

Services available for fortepianos

Tuning - concert, recording session, or private. Also tuning instruction.

Action regulation - aligning hammers, setting let-off and backchecks, and escapement response and other needed adjustments.

Restringing  -  can be undertaken for two major reasons:

a.  With age and use strings gradually get more brittle and likely to break while gradually  get brighter and harsher and they lose their fullness of tone. This happens more quickly with brass strings.  Since this effect happens gradually, a restringing can be a pleasant shock.

b.  Recent research has led to the availability of wire more like the sweeter sounding wire used historically, and to a better understanding where the different sizes were placed, both of these factors can improve a fortepiano’s tone, tone flexibility and tuning stability.

Releathering - of hammers and other action parts as needed

Repairs - from correcting minor mishaps and wear to correction of structural problems 

Instruction - in tuning, regulating and maintaining your fortepiano

Appraisals, inspections, and consultations - to assess possible work needed and to determine value for resale or insurance purposes

Assistance for kit builders - with construction problems, possible improvements, final voicing, or overall completion