Services available for clavichords

Tuning - concert, recording session, or private.  Also tuning instruction.

Resetting of tangents to change temperament on fretted clavichords

Voicing - often overlooked with clavichords, the tangent shape significantly effects the sound and ease of playing

Action regulation - Clavichords are the most demanding keyboard instruments to play. Yet they also offer the most rewards for those demands, along with the greatest possibilities of expressiveness of any keyboard instrument.  Depending upon how poorly or how well regulated a clavichord is, however, playing one can be a tiring battle of strength and control or the rewarding experience of having your musical intentions expressed through your fingers.  The adjustments to key weighting, striking height, and balance rail and listing material which we offer can dramatically improve volume, tone and evenness of  sound and touch.

Repairs and rebuilding - from correcting minor mishaps and wear to replacing soundboards and keyboards

Updating and improving older instruments where needed 

Restringing - using the appropriate size and type of strings is extremely important with clavichords, not only for the usual effects on tone, volume and tuning stability, but also because the clavichord key’s direct contact with the strings will immediately transfer any changes in string tension and characteristics into changes in action feel and response.  Clavichords are relatively quiet instruments, but they still need to have a usefully wide dynamic range and sufficient sustain to be musically expressive.  Many clavichords have been equipped with strings too thin, which weakens their maximum volume, decreases their dynamic range, and creates a mushy touch making it difficult to control the pitch of the notes.  Too heavy a stringing and the action will become rigid and structural damage may result.
Action regulation - adjustments to key weighting, striking height, and balance rail   material can often do much to improve the volume, tone and general evenness of sound and touch from note to note.
Voicing - adjusting the shape of the tangent’s striking surface can significantly improve the tone and playing characteristics.

Instruction - in tuning, regulating and maintaining your clavichord

Appraisals, inspections, and consultations - to assess possible work needed and to determine value for resale or insurance purposes

Assistance for kit builders - with construction problems, possible improvements, final voicing, or overall completion